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The Cost of Solar is Going Up
Install solar NOW with the Clean Solar NEM Guarantee

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The Cost of Solar is Going Up

Solar will Cost More with Net Energy Metering 2.0

There are additional fees associated with Net Energy Metering (NEM) 2.0

  • Pay a one time Interconnection fee of $144 to PG&E.

  • All solar customers must enroll in Time of Use (TOU) rate schedule.

  • Customers will pay approximate 2-3 cents per kWh (or about $6-$8 per month) of non-bypassable charges on all energy consumed by the grid, even if offset by solar energy. The monies will be put towards public purpose programs.

For a limited time, Clean Solar GUARANTEES the benefits of Net Energy Metering 1.0 for new clients OR we'll put $500 towards the initial fees of Net Energy Metering 2.0.

PG&E Bill Too High?
Get in to Solar with Net Energy Metering (NEM)

Start with a free quote.
NEM 1.0 is currently reaching its 5% cap and then it's going away. After the cap is reached, solar customers will be enrolled in the successor program NEM 2.0, which has more charges. But you can still save money if you Act NOW!
Benefits of Net Energy Metering 1.0

Net Energy Metering (NEM) optimizes the rate of return on your solar investment.

  • Allows customers to Zero out their bills

  • Credits customers accounts at full retail rate

  • PG&E accurately captures energy generated and consumed, providing customers with annual performance data in a True-Up bill


Winter is Coming
...for the solar industry in 2016

NEM changes, the ITC expiration, and utility rate changes will drastically affect solar.

It's not all bad, before the changes take place sign a contract by December 31st, 2015 and get $250 off.

The Triple Threat to solar in 2016
What's going on:
PG&E will reach 5% Net Energy Metering (NEM) Cap of its aggregate customer peak demand in the coming months… and then NEM 1.0 will no longer be available to new solar customers. After the NEM cap is reached NEM 2.0 will be available, still a good plan as it maintains full retail credit for homeowners, but there are more charges than in the current NEM tariff. Time is running out...
Act now and SAVE!

Not familiar with NEM? Here's how it works:
1.   Homeowners with NEM 1.0 receive financial credits for excess power generated by their solar system and fed back to the utility grid. This causes the dial on their electric meter to spin backwards, and offsets future electricity consumption.
2.  Each month, NEM customer electricity bills receive credits for excess generation at the same full retail value rate that the customer would have paid when the electricity was generated.
3.   Customers pay for the net amount of electricity used in excess of what their solar system generates annually.  PG&E has a 12-month True-Up window that averages out credits and debits of electricity consumption.
4.   Ideally, at the end of the annual True-Up period, the electricity balance zeros out. If there is any surplus electricity, the utility provider will reimburse to the homeowner at a separate (wholesale) fair market value, approximately $0.04 per kilowatt hour (kWh).
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Contact Clean Solar today to secure your NEM 1.0 benefits.

With solar, we know that NEM 1.0 is going away and we know that Clean Solar is guaranteeing you will not have to pay those initial fees if the cap is reached before we install your solar system.
The PG&E Bill is How Much?!?

Homeowners with Net Energy Metering 1.0 Now

Homeowners currently enrolled in the NEM 1.0 tariff are "grandfathered" for 20 years from the date PG&E issues "Permission to Operate" (PTO) until the date of the homeowner's first True-Up in the twenty-first (21st) year.

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